Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Aayla: Cooling Droid

I admit we had a rough time finding the correct parts inside the sandcrawler. We had to dig through piles of staircruiser parts, nail polish, R-Unit parts, banana peels, various metals of which I had no idea what used to be, animal carcasses, broken lightsaber hilts, moldy waffles, etc.

None of us actually knew how to built a cooling droid; but luckily for us, we have the moisture farmer guy, Fluke. He really has proved to be quite useful so far.

While he was barking orders in some weird "technilogical language" to the speedo-clad Palpatine, Jar Jar, and the halfway-muted Obi-wan, Leia and I were trying to catch our runaway hamster. J.J. had said if we lost him, we wouldn't get another one. Luckily, we found him inside a toaster oven that Obi-Wan was chewing on.

Obi-Wan: *Stupid Grin*
Leia: "Obi-Wan! That's out cooling unit's source of power!"
Obi-Wan: "Mwraraooooor!" *Shakes toaster oven above head, causing multiple thumping noises due to the hamster's body hitting the sides*
Me: "That's ridiculous! Hamster's can't fly! Especially not launched from toaster ovens!"
Obi-Wan: *Another stupid grin* "Ehbgggeeee?"
Me: *Sigh* "No...Give us the hamster, please."
Obi-Wan: *opens toaster oven to reveal a slightly dizzy hamster*
Hamster: *hic*
Leia: "You didn't give it beer, did you?"
Obi-Wan: "Mrwaaaaaarblll."
Leia: *Picks up hamster* "Aww...I think the poor thing has a hangover.."

As you can see, things went rather smoothly, and we made a very nicely functining cooling droid(not to mention pretty!).


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