Monday, July 25, 2005

Aayla: Stuck in a Cave

This sandstorm outside is really trying my patience.

First off, all we have to eat is dewback meat. I mean, I'm not complaining or anything...It isn't so bad...if you like the taste of rubber dipped in wookie snot.
Another thing is that I can't make coffee with sand...and Jar Jar keeps trying to steal my coffee pot. What is it with him and coffee? Sheesh...

Being stuck with my tribe, I can live with. Obi-Wan is....*druel*..ehm..entertaining...with all scottish dances. Palpy is always sitting in a corner staring at the wall, and every so often, he'd glance back at us and cackle. It's kind of creepy. Fluke's been having gas. Quiggy...well, he's Quiggy. Leia's fun to talk to.

The company doesn't make up for the weather, though. The blue of my skin is deepening from blue to purple due to the sun. I could use some lips are chapped, and to tell the truth, I'm downright parched. A shower would be nice, as well. Unfortunately, the majority of the Mabbitt tribe is male, so I don't foresee that happening anytime soon.

I am grateful for this cave, despite all the disadvantages. It's far better than having two suns blaze down on you. It feels like an armpit out there.

Even so, I can't wait for the sandstorm to pass over.


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