Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Anakin: Lord of the Droids

So check it: this challenge to to built a kickin' cooling droid-thing, right? No probs. I can do that shizzy in my sleep. Course my attempt to do it in my sleep didn't work out, but whatevs. Anyway, in addition to the stuff I asked for yesterday, I thought of some new stuff that might be good too.

12 - 20v Servo motors
_1 - 40 lb air compressor
_2 - Mid-spectrum occular units (matching)
_4 feet of insulated copper tubing
_ .35 retrounit
_ 3 3mm hydro-changers

See, but here's the prob. Nobody brought back any of that shizzy. ANY of it. I mean, how hard could it be, yo? That stuff was always jus lyin around Watto's shop - you think Jawas'd have it too, but this contest is so rigged. Whack. But I still gotta build a droid... problem is, I gotta build it using this stuff:

1 - Casio Calculator Watch (broken)
1 - "My Little Pony" Easy Bake Oven
1 - Slinky
1 - Box of assorted vacuum cleaner attachments
1 - Pair of stiletto heel shoes
27 - Assorted Clown Wigs
1 - Pair of fuzzy dice
1 - Tickle Me Elmo
1 - Magic 8 Ball
1 - Handful of pocket lint

First off all ,tiz-eam: where the spit did all the clown wigs come from, yo? That's... shuh.

How'm I s'posed to make an illin droid with this? And another thing, .... OW! Okay, totally whack. My roboclaw jus pinched my own self. Not cool. Not cool. Maybe takin the glove off to threaten Dooku wasn't the best idea.

Okay, okay, okay. I ain't the Chosen One for nothing... jus... let the Force flow through.... OW! Frackin' roboclaw! Okay, I can do this spit one-handed, no probs.

*starts muttering too himself and draining the fluid from the Magic 8 ball, attaching it to the Easy Bake oven using the slinky. Takes apart the Tickle-Me Elmo and uses the limb-supports as fan blades. The roboclaw starts running itself through his hair, but he lays the smackdown on it and keeps working*

*several hours later*

There! Ya'll can bow down before me now.

A workin ciz-ooling unit, yo.


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