Saturday, July 16, 2005

Anakin: A Wretched Hive

Check it team: you don't gotta worry about any Sand People for the time bein. Last night while you all were sleeping, I went around and... well, took care of things, yo. Plus I brought back some illin gaffi sticks.

So me an H-dawg are goin down to Mos Eisley. He's definitely gonna need my help, yo. I mean, he seems to know how things work, but I gots me a lightsaber, so whatevs. I wish my fly girl Padme was comin', but she's gotta... I dunno... guard the well or sumthin. When I get back, we're gonna check out that cave in Beggar's Canyon, yo.

Have I mentioned the sand issue? Sand is whack. This whole planet is whack. Oh well. The tequila helps, yo. And the trip'll be... interestin, anyway.

Peace out.


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