Monday, July 18, 2005

Anakin: You Call That Air-Conditioning?

Word up. Turns out Mos Eisley is unair-conditioned too, yo. For some reason I don't remember it ever bein this hot here. Whatevs. Anyway, so Han went somewheres to "score some credits"... he don't want me along, even though I tol him I can cheat at Sabaac without anyone knowin.

And after walkin with him for... a real long time... listenin him him complain about only bein able to see a "bit light blur" or some shizzy like that... Man, I almost had to deactivate my roboclaw to keep from cleavin him with my lightsaber. But that wouldnta done me any favors with the whole not-bein-voted-off thing, so I remained calm and at peace, and spit.

So here I am in the cantina, waitin around for Kitser, whose owner still owes me money for Boonta Eve way back in the day, yo. That should help with the whole buyin' a shelter thing. Or whatever it is Han wants to do out here.

Well, until he gets here, I guess I'll just spend the money he'll be giving me on those cool-colored shots they're servin'. Gotta be some way to beat the heat.

Prolly shouldnta worn the leather.


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