Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Leia agenn

Our droid's turned out great. It's even got a little set of bendy eyes we made from the mechanical maggot carcass we found in the sandcrawler. It has a built-in cage, where the super hamster of power goes. When our hamster goes, he whoops butt! He's like a little lightning streak, cold and cruel and merciless, not stopping for anything. His name is Pippin. And the droid plays ping-pong like someone who's good at ping-pong. It does other stuff, but I dunno what. It's not my job to pay attention, is it?

Is it?

Palps showed off his yellow bananahammock today. That was just really, really strange. I think Ben's still getting over the shock of seeing that. For some reason he's acting like a real crap bag, talking backwards. That really scares me because it takes a real genius to figure out how to talk fluently like that. God, this place is turning everyone into a freak... *Sigh* Not another round of desert undie-bowling...


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