Saturday, July 16, 2005

*Moans with extreme discomfort*

Ooohhhwooowahoo... arooogg.... nyahowwww... gaaaaaaaaaaaaah... Arooooohowwwwww... meearghaaaargh!!!

Phew, mesa gald mesa getten der whinen out of mesa system.

Tatooine issen berry nasty place. Der Tusky Raiders attacken ussen last night. Ouchie. Mesa hiden under a rock. Perhaps next timen, mesa should use mesa boomas on themsa. Or just hiden under another rock. Either way. Mesa issen glad mesa hassen mesa moisturisen cream, or mesa skin woulden have cracked open by now. Mesa issen haven a plan, though, to stoppen der Tusky Raiders from attacken ussen. All mesa needen is some samples of der local vegetabletaions, and some good-shaped rocks. Oh... and water. Buggah.


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