Friday, July 15, 2005

Obi arrives

*stumbles in* *looks up at the blaring sun* *opens first beer* mwaaah bejeez its bright out here! *goes over to rock face and carves cave out* thats better *continues to carve furniture* I wonder if anyone else is here yet? Hey babes over here! *aayla comes running over*

A: hi hun hows you?
O: better for seeing you!
A: arrr *sighs* your so sweet
O:is anyone else here yet?
A: yeah flukes here
O: brillient you go get him and i'll get a party sorted

~one wild party later~

F: that was good. where did you get those strobe lights from?
O: I had them hidden in my garter belt
A: *blushes*
O: Ok so I had them hidden in Aaylas garter belt.
A: Obi!

O: Yeah we best go check who else is about. *winks at Aayla*
F: uh no its ok i'll go...


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