Saturday, July 16, 2005

Qui-Gon: Music of the Night

Oh wow.
I, like, haven't had a brownie in a few days. It's so strange, as, like, my head is clearing up. I mean, I'm still in the ether, but I am starting to recall things long forgotten. I just feel like I can see for miles (and miles, and miles). I can, though, as I can just float up and like, look around. Can't leave here, though. Bummer.
Okay, like don't tell my teammates and stuff, but I think there is more going on than we realise. Like Palpatine. I like think he is trying to recruit us over to the Dark Side. I mean, like 2 more recruits and he gets that stellar bonus of a fondue pot, with 16 forks! That would be, like, for a big shindig, man. But yeah, something is going on there. And, like, I know, because, like, remember Dooku? He was trying to get me to join so he could get that new Schwinn bike.
Wow, Grievous. He's, like, most impressive, though that cough... I've coughed like that the first time I tried that bubbler at Mos Eisley Cantina and Oxygen Bar. But, I think he's like, overkill, in a big way. That, and the undeniable evil. He gets all those lightsabres going, and well, I'm just waiting for Jar Jar to just happen to trip onto one and then, at least, everyone will have Shish Kabobs for dinner.
Leia with her gun. Like, wow. She's just... Wow. I mean, she's, like, all, like, bang, wow, bang bang. And she don't take crap from no-one.
Jar Jar would be the death of me, except I'm already, you know, dead. But, you know, I feel that I have to, like, protect him, for some reason. Mostly, he just hides when the danger comes around. Blubbering Gungans are lose their amusing qualities after the first 37 seconds of seeing them, man.
I'm really glad to be paired up with Aayla, Fluke, and Ben, but they still can't see me! It's really frustrating when I want to, like, get in on their game of charades and they are all oblivious and stuff, man. It really sucks, you know. However, lucky me, I've got my poncho, with my cowbell attatched. They can see that. It would be like seeing a disembodied poncho that jingles, and that would like, freak me out if it weren't me. So, to say that there was a lack of camaraderie, is, like, an understatement.
I've been, like, watching the camp the best I can. I'm dead, man, so I don't need sleep. Well, like, last night, we were all around the biggest bonfire I've ever seen, man (and like, it smelled like Force Lightning, I swear). Everyone was roasting Womp Rats and I was just there, feeling left out, and I just started singing, man. It was just a hum at first. But, I've never been able to resist the urge to sing We Are the Champions with every ounce of my being. I got to the chorus, and there was Ben, singing along. As we went on, everyone, even Grievous joined in. We weren't perfect. I mean, we would be the last group to win a Grammy (well, as the Grammy's are really a corporate ploy to sell pop culture to the masses, if we were to get that Coruscant Idol image going, we'd be a bloody shoe-in). But, just the fact that we were all singing, giving it our all, together. It was inspirational.
Like, even though I'm dead, there was nowhere else I'd rather have been than with all of them.
The bummer was that our glee club session alerted the Tuskens, and our nightly raid was a few hours early. As we fought, the song continued.
After all of that, I learned something.
We are the champions, my friends.


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