Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Starbucker: Let's tweak this a tad

we join the Mabbitts as they huddle around their droid...

PALPS: "Ahhh...feel that cool air? HM?"

AAYLA: "Well, I do...but I gotta be standing right here to feel it..."

Leia shoves Aayla and stands in her now vacant spot

LEIA: "Oh yeah, I feel it now."

BEN: "?erom od ti ekam ew naC"

FLUKE: "I think we could, if only we had a inverse piston-driven thrimbobulator..."

tribe members look at one another...

LEIA: "ah-HA!!! Like This?" she holds out her fork proudly

FLUKE: "uh, no....not exactly..."

QGJ appears to Ben

BEN: "?ekil skool 'rotalubobmirht nevird-notsip esrevni' a tahw wonk ot stnaw nniJ noG-iuQ retsaM"

FLUKE: "Well... it's about yea big he makes a gesture wth his hands, and has tubing running around it like this, and two fans, and normally has the initials 'IPDT' on one side....but being that small, we'll never locate one in this heap of junk in time to install it. It would allow the droid to draw the limited moisture in the air down into close proximity of the droid itself, where we might be able to make it cool the air down in a radius proportionate to the reticular moletric cavity of trombonesisceptulism - which would be well more than the 30 feet diameter requirement for this challenge, I assure you."

JAR JAR: "Mesa forgetten yousa farmin de wetten tings fo yousa liven, Flukey"

BEN: "!esoht fo eno was eh skniht noG-iuQ retsaM"

Ben begins digging under QGJ's guidance

AAYLA: "It's so awesome how QGJ can search through this rubble without having to dig!"

BEN: "?od siht lliW !ad-aT"

FLUKE: "That just might do it."

FLuke takes the item from Ben, then lays down on the ground and rolls over to the droid. Once there, he stands up, opens the compartmental hatch and begins tinkering... He bangs a knuckle

FLUKE: "OWWW! Dagnabbit!"

PALPS: laughing "Good. Let your agressive feelings guide you boy."

EVERYONE ELSE: collectively "Huh?"

PALPS: "uh...nothing. Do continue, young Starbucker."

moments pass

FLUKE: "There now, the droid is capable of drawing in moisture."

JAR JAR: waving hand in droids air flow "Mesa tink der airis mucho mucho hotero nowsa."

FLUKE: "Oh, I didn't even think about that, we'll need another signifcant piece in order for the droid to be able to cool down the excess moisture it's now collecting. If only we had a flux capacitor"

LEIA: "Like this one?" holding out her fork

JAR JAR: "Mesa tinks Flukey wantsa theesa!"

BEN: "?taht teg uoy did erehw, raJ raJ"

JAR JAR: "It fallsa on mesa noggin in der crarwlin ting."

FLUKE: "That's it! Good job, JarJar!"

Fluke begins tinkering some more

FLUKE: "Where'd I put my sabre? Oh, there it is...Chancellor, would you be so kind as to hand that to me?"

PALPS: patting Fluke's lightsabre"You want this, don't you? The hate is swelling in you now. Take your Jedi weapon. Use it. The droid is unarmed. Strike it down. Give in to your anger. With each passing moment, you make yourself more my servan... cuts himself off and looks around sheepishly... uh, scratch that. Here you go."

Everyone stares at Palps, who shrugs his shoulders.

AAYLA: "What do you need that for?"

FLUKE: "My screwdriver. Check it out."

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FLUKE: "Now we just need to get this hamster going."

LEIA: "Got it covered!" she steps up and pokes it with her fork....

...and so, as the hamster runs the droid began to liquify mositure particles in mid air, thus creating rain...the YFotNJOW twists on some levers, and the rain begins crystallizing, and snow is created in the middle of the desert... the change is so intense that Palps puts his clothes back on....much to everyone's delight.

LEIA: dancing and playfully smacking herself in the rump with her fork..."Woo-hoo! We're gonna whoop that butt!"


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