Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Aayla: Lick

We didn't have much time left...Nope..not much at all. About ten seconds to be correct, thanks to Jar Jar, who tried to eat the armpit.

I quickly made my way to the giant booger, ready to face the disgusting taste of Jabba's pits. They smelt similar to Obi-Wan's beard, so I knew I figured I could withstand the pressure...Despite the strange-looking mold that was growing in there. I drew a deep breath and stuck my tongue out to just barely touch Jabba's armpit. Gross. That's all I can say. It tasted like a mixture of bantha poo and old musty cheetos.

Alright. The lick was halfway over with. Now I just had to remove my tongue. One problem, though; it wouldn't come off of the hutt's armpit skin. Licking a hutt is one thing. Licking its armpit is the same thing...but getting your tongue stuck to it? Disgusting! Fortunately for us, Leia and Fluke managed to pry me free just before time ran out..I don't think we ended up on top, though...

Does anyone have any mouthwash?

I have the feeling this taste isn't going to leave my mouth for a few days...


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