Thursday, August 25, 2005

Dooku: And it was going so well...

I'm very good on a swoop, you know.

I suppose it was all that time spent in 'Hoth's Angels' (see here), back in the day...


As soon as I got onto my swoop, I could feel the memories rushing back... but there was no time for that. I had a race to win.

The start went well - I stayed with the pack, gaining a little with the straights, losing a little with the corners.

Then a thought occured to me.

Maybe it was the heat, maybe the lack of water, or maybe the smell of brownies that surrounded Qui's bike - but I decided to check if my swoop had a stereo.

It did.

With the whole swoop-race thing already triggering waves of nostalgia, I couldn't leave the stereo alone - I just HAD to see what it could play.
So, I leaned over, and begun punching buttons.


Various tunes began to sing out at me - nothing too fancy, nothing I recognised - meanwhile, the other racers began to pull away from me.

Head still bent over the stereo, I flick down to the last track.

"Some Jedi to Love"

A tear came to my eye. Touched, I looked up, to check whether Qui was still there, perhaps sharing the moment with me.

No-one in sight.

Just one very large rock.

Approaching very fast.

Split-seconds later, I lept from my swoop, letting it speed into the rock - shattering into a dozen expensive-looking parts.

I sighed. I was in last place, a few hundred meters from the finish, with a busted swoop. And no more stereo.

And there I would have been stuck, if something amazing hadn't happened.

But you'll just have to wait to find out what that was.


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