Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Jar Jar: Here mesa goin...

Jar Jar steps up to Jabba, preparing to lick.
Jar Jar: Okeyday, thissen noah problem.
He extends his long snakey tongue and sticks it into Jabba's armpit, and licks.
Jar Jar: Hmm...
He keeps licking repeatedly, with great gusto.
Jar Jar: Soo... disgusting... but soo... enticing...
Leia: Jar Jar! Get out of the way!
Aayla: It doesn't count if you do the licking for us! Move!
Their cries are in vain. After several minutes, Qui-Gon steps in and knocks Jar Jar out with a quick application of force power. But the time on Mabbit's clock has been fatally eroded...


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