Friday, September 23, 2005

Dooku to Yoda: Spiffing this is not!

JJ: And…GO!!

"Tally-ho!" I called, striding into the purple light.

Feel different I do. On my head, something is. A mirror, here is. Check my head, I shall.

Top hat

Wearing Dooku’s tophat I am?! Do this will not! Cut it into tiny pieces I shall.
Too big this lightsabre is! Lift it I cannot! No time I have – beat the doofus Dooku I must.
*sets off through labyrinth of tunnels and passages, heading for the top*

Daydreaming I was. Thinking of Dolly, I was. Then, into my head this image floats…

Spot of tea and biscuits, what?

Tea and biscuits! Understand it I cannot! And want to use words like ‘spiffing’ constantly I do! Affected me, the tophat must have. Get this over with quickly, I should. Then force-wedgie Dooku, I can.

Tired, I am becoming. My cane, I need. Have it, I do not. Use this lightsabre, I will. Long enough, it is. Even if curved, it is. Hurry I must. Worse, this tophat syndrome is becoming. Wanting to wear suits and ties, and drink tea, I am! Not right, this is. Agree with Dooku the doofus on anything, I do not. The heat it must be. Yes, the heat…


Feeling under the weather, I am, what eh? My tea I need… - wait! Drink tea I do not! And yet…so spiffing it is… - no! Fight this I must. If come out of this I do with permanent brain damage, Dooku’s fault it is. If come out of this unharmed I do, force-wedgie him anyway I will. And force him to drink coff- co- cooofffeeeeargh! Say the word I cannot! All Dooku’s fault this is!

The end, that is? The end! Get out of here I can! Spiffing-argh!

Chaps, happened, what just did? Seeing images of Dolly Parton, why am I?


Blogger Eric said...

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8:10 AM, September 24, 2005  
Blogger JawaJuice said...

Great post, ol chap!
Don't forget to vote.

8:12 AM, September 24, 2005  

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