Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Dooku: The way of the Sith

On J.J.'s signal, the 7 remaining Survivors sprint to the sandcrawler and start sifting.
Dooku, determined to show the world at large that 'old' men can handle windsurfing just as well as sprightly young 'doggs', launches into his chosen pile of junk

Dooku: ...a dewback harness...could be useful...Jawa magazines...ewww...not so useful...a finger puppet -

J.J: That's mine! *snatches finger puppet away* Bobo, how did you get over here...?

Dooku (aside): ...strange old chap...

Dooku begins assembling the base of his board from the dewback harness, droid plating, and a strange unidentifiable object that looks a little like a teapot. However - he has no mast, and no sail.

Dooku: Well...this is a spot of bother, old boy. But young Skywalker looks like he has a nice fueling line pipe there...

Dooku edges to Anakin's pile, and calls:

Dooku: Look, it's Padme!

Anakin (turning): What? Where? Is my hair okay? ............. You're pulling my leg, dogg.

Anakin turns back, to see his pile minus one fuel pipe.

Anakin: Dang it. I've gotta stop falling for that...

Dooku, meanwhile, is sizing up the fuel pipe...

Dooku: Well...I don't need all of this...perhaps I can make use of it in another way...

He proceeds to cut the pipe into 3 sections - and weakens 2 of them with carefully placed cuts.

Dooku: Han, Typho, old chaps, I believe I owe you one from the swoop race...so as repayment...

He holds out the two pipes - which are eagerly accepted by the two non-Jedi.

Dooku: ...fools...well, I must be going, old boy, I have a race to win.

Dooku returns to his board, and contemplates his lack of a sail. Slowly, he removes his expensive travelling cloak, and attaches it to the mast.

Dooku: Spot of genius, eh what?

Pushing his surfer to the dunes, he rests it on the lip of a dune, then with a deep breath, plunges down the sandy slope.

He struggles along into 3rd place, and approaches the finish behind Han and Typho, until...
Typho and Han's masts give way simultaneously, slowing them, as Dooku surges past over the finish line.

Dooku: Sorry, chaps: but all's fair in love, war, and Survivor challenges.


Blogger JawaJuice said...

Nicely played.
Not very cricket of you, but nicely played none-the-less.

7:18 AM, September 13, 2005  

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