Friday, September 23, 2005

Starbucker to Dooku: This cumberbund is tight

JJ: questions?..........Go!

Fluke: (to self) Oh, man... This oughtta be a breeze! I'll be up top in no time!

Fluke rushes in... into the darkness that quickly conceals him, and the others from him... as he strides, he feels awkward: chills runs up and down the length of his spine - he hurries on...running as fast as he can toward a flickering
light at the end of the entry tunnel...

¸,.ø¤º'º¤ø,.¸¸.,ø¤º'º¤ø.,¸¸,.ø¤º'º¤ø.,¸¸,.ø¤º'º¤ø.,¸¸,.ø¤º'º¤ø.,¸ slowing to walk at a snappy clip, he comes to a rather filthy area where a dimly lit torch hangs on the wall

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Dooku: "I say, this place could do with a tad more illumination."

Dooku, now carrying a torch, walks up a slightly inclined, tubular passage from the torch room. The interior is growing wet and and is still rather dark, resembling a cave: hanging with plant life and stalactites. His echoing footsteps
intermittently overpower the sounds of loud dripping, whistling air drafts and scampering claws.

Dooku: "*tisk* It appears that my spats will become tarnished in this foul place."

The cave ends at a hallway, that leads two directions from the cave mouth. Dooku heads to his right. He soon reaches an arch in the hall. He sees a small chamber ahead, which interrupts the hall. The chamber is brightly lit by a shaft of sunlight from high above. There are several ways out of the chamber. Dooku stops, looks it over.

Dooku: "I do despise this feeling of being lost. Let's see here... I am ultimately to be arriving at the pinnacle of this tower, so I feel it behooves me at this point to ascend. I'll just hang onto this torch, even though it smokes dreadfully."

He springs across the chamber to a set of stone stairs headed up. Once again darkness falls upon him as he climbs. After traversing the stone stairs for a few moments he comes to a tight landing. Framing the entry are a carefully strung network of dead vines, each somehow hooked into the wall, narrowing the opening even more. He lowers the torch to the floor of the landing. The landing is carpeted with bones, all on top of another, all squashed flat as cardboard. Dooku looks up to the
ceiling of the landing, which is covered in webs, then steps in - onto skeletons, which make a cracking noise under his feet. He tries not to touch the vines. The cracking and snapping beneath his feet echo throughout the room. He pauses...
listening intently... he hears shreiking in a distance, but cannot tell from what direction.

Dooku: "Curious... I should not care to dally."

He steps with more fervor around the landing. He discovers no path or hallway leading out. The shreiking grows louder.
Dooku begins to fret.

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Dooku: "Oh, dearie, I mustn't tarry!"

He begins his way around the room again, this time feeling the wall underneath the layers of old ocbwebs that envelop everything. The shreiking continues to grow.
Dooku finds near the floor in one area what he believes may be a small shut door of some sort. He holds his torch clear as he uses his free hand to sweep away some of the mess covering it.

Dooku: "Vile"

Finally, he is able to see there is a latch, and although it is somewhat stuck, he hits it solidly with the butt of his torch, and it unhooks. Sitting on the gorund and pressing his full weight with his feet against the door, it opens. The
shreiking is nearer and louder as he slips on his stomache through the door, and goes to shut it back again. As it closes, he's certain he heard rustling in the landing area he had just left... he pauses for a moment...

Dooku: "Surely I cannot be expected to continue with this challenge. My clothing is a mess. Certainly, there must be some way to complete this challenge without actually going through it completely."

He looks around and sees he is again in the center of a hallway, but it's somehow different than before, and now he smells something retched. He heads now to his left... He stops. The shreiking he had heard before now seems closer than ever behind him. He looks, but sees nothing. He starts walking again, but stops as he hears the shreiking again. He looks, holding his torch away from his eyes... straining to make out anything that might be in the hallway behind him. He turns and continues at a greater speed. He sees more stairs some distance in front of him as he hears the shreiking again... he turns around looking once more, and sees something moving... he squints as he watches the movement and places his free hand on his lightsabre. At once, he realizes three deadly Massiffs are burrowing down the hall in his direction. His eyes grow wide and he turns and sprints towards the stairs - going up rapidly, three steps at a time. At the top of these steps, he pauses to look around, and sees what appears to be a doorway several feet from where he stands - streams of light shines in from around around it's edges. The portion of the floor he's standing on begins to rumble and shake. He hears the massiffs approaching up the stairs behind him. He darts towards the door, but as he gets closer - two more massiffs appear between him and the light of the door. He ignites his sabre and whirls it in a formal salute, then charges into them. Words are insufficient to describe the range and skill of his speed and swordplay against the now five helpless creatures as they try to attack him from all sides. His lightsaber is a humming blur of light. The creatures die quickly. He shuts down his lightsabre and steps toward the door, opening it. He sees other challengers waiting outside

Dooku: "Oh, I cannot go out now - I do believe my hair might be an unsightly muss....oh, but I must! How embarrassing."

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He steps out, and transforms...


...back to Fluke

FLUKE: "uh... that was freaky"

Starbucker out


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Another "Hammer Film" classic in the making!

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