Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Oh, woah!

This is crazy!

I can't stand it any longer!

Have you ever held a whiz for almost 24 hours?!?!

While listening to a Jedi Master sing "Splash-Splish, a bath I was taking"???

It's no fun lemme tell ya.

I had to let loose, but there was no WAY I was gonna step off that poduim... post... pole... whatEVER!!

I didn't care who was around...

ah, yeah.... hey! This could be fun!

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my name


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Oh, man, there's a MAJOR release! Ahhh...

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Oh, This is the best feeling I can ever remember having!

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Ohhhh, yeaaaaahhhhhhhh...

Wow! I never knew my bladder was so huge!

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Hey, lookit that! I'm making pretty patterns in the sand! Hey, that looks like w...

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Oh, man, I'm like, losing serious weight right now!

(reading) Is Yoda cheating? Hmmm..... (thinking) Could it be true?...and if so, how? How is he holding it all in?

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This is some kinda sign! I gotta tell JJ!

FLUKE: "JJ!!!!.... Oh, JJ!"

JJ waddles over

FLUKE: "JJ, look in the sand."

JJ looks

FLUKE: "DO you see it?"

JJ: "What?"

FLUKE: "THe writing!"

JJ: "THe writing? The writing in the sand?"

FLUKE: "Yeah, do you see what it says?"

JJ: " I don't see no writing in no sand, Fluke."

FLUKE: "Well, it's not like, ink writing... I whizzed it. I whizzed it all....and it told me Yoda might be cheating! It is spelled out in the sand... the yellow sand!"

JJ: "..."

FLUKE: "IT'S RIGHT THERE! Look! Can't you see it!"

JJ: "Fluke, I don't see nothing.... when did you whiz this prophecy?"

FLUKE: "Just then."

JJ: "..."

Fluke nods his head quickly

JJ: "Uh, dude... you didn't even unzip your fly. That whiz never hit no sand."

Fluke looks down... at his pants... and is shocked at what he sees...

FLUKE: "Uh... well Yoda is cheating anyway. You should check into it."

JJ waddles off. Fluke thinks, Geeze, it seemed so real... YOU saw it, didn't you?

Starbucker out


Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Just don't whiz on the electric fence.

7:20 PM, October 19, 2005  
Blogger Qui-Gon Jinn said...

Isn't there a song about not eating yellow sand? Or snow? I forgot...
Fluke, bummer, man...
Well, at least it will dry, like, really fast. Your secret is, like, safe with me.

7:35 PM, October 19, 2005  

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