Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Qui-Gon : To Answer Typho's Questions...

“First question: I’d like each of you to tell me why I should vote for you and not your opponent."
*thinks long and hard* This is a tough one.
Seriously. I can't, like, think of anything that would be, like, cool to say. I mean, this is Master Yoda. I can't be mean to the guy that, like, took over my training after Dooku switched sides. He was the one who, like, cut my Padawan braid. Sometimes he has to show us tough love so that we, like, learn.
So yeah...
Why to vote for me?
Because Master Yoda has his eye on your Diet Pepsi, man.

“Second question: If both of you had been voted off earlier, which two other contestants would you have liked to see in the final round – and why?”
As for, like, the two that I'd, like, like to see here instead, I'd love to see Fluke take on Dooku. Fluke just has this way with, like, dealing with him. He's all like "DOOKU! You are DOOKU!" I can't, like, do it, but, like, you know. It's really, like, funny, man.
Choosing Dooku, man. I'm sorry. He's, like, my former Master, man. He's all prim and proper, and like, wicked evil, but I remember the, like, days that we were, like, cool with each other. The touring and the training and the crumpets, man. He went bad, but I can't, like, hold a grudge. I still, like, think some where deep inside, the noble Lord von Kikaz still exists.
I just, like, want to see them face off, Master of the Spores and Master of Prim and Proper way to kick some butt, man.
That'd be, like, far out.
But no, like, sparring. Too violent. They could play chess. Or Tiddlywinks. Dooks was a master of Charades, man.
Thing is, Fluke'd win, man. The Dark Side can't, like, win this gig, man. Then, like, all the little kids that, like, are addicted to the programme think that, like, evil is cool because good is dumb. Sorry, Dooks, but you have to know that, like, bad guys usually don't get happy endings. It's, like, in the fine print.


Blogger Master Yoda said...

*waves hand*
Your Diet Pepsi...give Yoda.

5:12 AM, October 27, 2005  
Blogger flu said...

That's right QGJ, if it we're me and the DOOKSTER, I'd be all up in that top hat with my spore fusing!...Dooku!!!

Hey, where'd my Diet Pepsi go?

6:56 AM, October 27, 2005  

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