Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Starbucker: This is easier than squeezin' cheese

FLUKE: "So... we just stand there?"

JJ nods

FLUKE: "That's it?"

JJ nods

FLUKE: "Up there?" He points

JJ nods

FLUKE: "...and that's it."

JJ nods

FLUKE: "Is there a challenge?"

JJ nods

FLUKE: "...but it's just standing there?"

JJ nods

FLUKE: "..."

JJ nods

FLUKE: "np"

The Young FotNJOw shuffles up his post as Yoda and QGJ do the same. There they stand...

about two minutes pass...

FLUKE: "Uh, JJ?"

JJ: "Yes?"

FLUKE: "When do we get a bathroom break?"

JJ: "You don't. There are no breaks."

FLUKE: "Say again? I think the heat might already be messing with me..."

JJ: "I said, 'No breaks'."

FLUKE: "Oh, good for a minute there, I thought you said 'no breaks', *whew*"

JJ: "Uh, Fluke... That is what I said."

FLUKE: "What? No you didn't... that was just my mind messing with me a little."

JJ: "Isn't it a tad early in the challenge post for this?"

FLUKE: "For what?"

JJ: "This goofy rambling."

FLUKE: "p'shaw. My posts are never too early for goofy ramb... uh, I mean, look little Jawa, my back teeth are floating. My eyes are turning yellow. I'm about to bust. I needed to go earlier, but I was excited about meeting the week's challenge and just didn't follow up on it, and now I'm stuck up here and the challenge is already started. What am I supposed to do?"

JJ: "You can always get down and go."

FLUKE: "Really?"

JJ: "Yep, but of course, that would be forfeiting and you don't win the challenge."

FLUKE: "Oh, but I gotta win the challenge."

JJ: "Well, then, you still have two options: Hold it, or just let it go."

Fluke looks at his opponents... and grumbles... "I can hold it as long as these guys can..."

...hours pass...

FLUKE: "Say JJ, can you wheel that cooling droid out here? It's getting a little warm."

JJ: "Oh, good thinking!"

JJ disappears into the cave, and soon comes out with the cooling droid. He sets it up next to his lawn chair and turns it on for minimum coverage

JJ: "Much better!

FLUKE: *grumblepout*

Starbucker out


Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Oh man, you shouldn't have had all that beer and coffee and watermelon right before the challenge. Maybe Yoda could loan you a pair of his absorbant undergarments.

2:44 PM, October 18, 2005  
Blogger Master Yoda said...

Wear absorbant undergaments I do not! For a friend I bought those! The truth that is! It I swear!

7:42 PM, October 18, 2005  

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