Friday, July 15, 2005

First Night Security

Well, the team and I were ready to go to sleep last night when we got into a discussion about guard duty (being that we live near the tusken raiders), well naturally I offered to be the guard and promptly ordered my luxury item, my security droid (which is my I asked for it in the first place), to patrol the perimeter of the camp to the stunned faces of my team.

At about 3 am we all awoke to hear blaster shots and raider shouts coming from the end of the canyon. All who had a reusable weapon (Palps, Obi wan, Leia, Fluke, and I think Qui gon and Aalya) ran out and charged at the raiders with rage of being woken up in the middle of the night, that was until Palps started calling out "Yes, hate leads to the dark side" where promptly Aalya, Obi wan, Fluke, and Leia ran back to calm down and comfort Jar Jar who was in fear of raider skydiving into the camp. Meanwhile Palps, Qui gon and I continued having a lot of fun slaying the poor innocent sand people, until the brownie effects wore off Qui gon and upon realising what he was doing went back to camp.

By 4 am everyone was back in camp and sound asleep and the droid still patroling as if nothing had happened.


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