Monday, July 25, 2005

Palps: Hmmmm…something is not right

We are currently stuck in the cave here on Tatooine due to an enormous sandstorm raging outside. It wouldn’t be so bad if eating all that leftover dewback from the challenge wasn’t affecting my stomach so poorly.

We were all sad to see General Grievous go, but it is part of the game. He was useful in fighting off the sand people during their nightly raids, but that incessant coughing was really starting to get on my nerves.

After he left I snuck off to see him and make sure that he had his plans in place for the eventual assault on Coruscant. He tends to forget details sometimes, perhaps a short in that droid encased brain of his.

I received my latest e-mail from Tahara. She said everything was OK, but she didn’t bother to spell check the e-mail. Her typing also seemed to be a little slurred with lots of grammatical errors.

I think I need to check the usage report and possibly reset the PIN on the liquor cabinet through the secure web interface. I suspect she may be hitting the sauce.

I hope not…good help is so hard to find and Lord Maul is starting to take a liking to her.


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