Sunday, July 24, 2005

Severe sandstorm warning!

A severe sandstorm warning has been issued to the
Dune Sea and Tusken raider highlands north of Mos Eisley. Please be advised, this sandstorm may last up to 48 hours. Those in the vicinity are advised to take shelter…and grit your teeth.

(It's a good thing no settlements are in the area...Who the hell would be out there anyway...)


Blogger Leia said...

Hey, that's where we are.

11:25 AM, July 24, 2005  
Blogger Anakin Skywalker said...

Oh, great. Maybe we can hole up at the Lars' place for a while, O-team. Or sumthin.

3:00 PM, July 24, 2005  
Blogger Aayla Secura said...

Oh dear. I hope I don't get sand in my coffee maker..

6:28 PM, July 24, 2005  
Blogger Captain Typho said...

Our sandworm tent won't withstand the storm? Darn.

7:21 PM, July 24, 2005  
Blogger Count Dooku said...

Sand? I don't like sand - it sticks to my top hat polish

10:10 PM, July 24, 2005  
Blogger jedisiri said...

oh no our lovely sandworm tent!

3:52 AM, July 25, 2005  
Blogger flu said...

Dag-gummit! Who left the TP out? Keep it in the cave people!

It's like 180-grit sandpaper now!

6:28 AM, July 25, 2005  

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