Thursday, August 25, 2005

Typho: Marathon or Sprint?

Assassin’s Arch is where they nailed me.
HEY! Who's shooting??
Originally uploaded by Captain Typho.

Call it a calculated risk.

This was my plan -- stay within striking distance, then gun it down the stretch. I figured a swoop race like this is a marathon, not a sprint.

The Steaming Pits of Death were... I can't speak about it.

I'll probably need therapy to get over the horror.

[I wonder if healer Barriss Offee does counseling?]

The Ronto Plateau was (almost) fun. I got an unintentional assist from Jar Jar when he started chucking his bombs. I came out of there in about 3rd place.

Assassin's Arch is where my plan got shot to hell -- literally. I hit that area with Aayla and Qui-Gon right behind me and I was getting ready to pass the leaders when the shooting started.

#$@&ing Tuskens!

Shots pinged off my swoop, narrowly missing me. They must've hit something important, though, 'cause the bike started slowing down dramatically.

Jar Jar passed me.

Fluke, too.

Others, one after another.

The bike finally died as I caught up with Dooku.

Okay, I've lost the swoop race, but no way am I gonna let a hundred-year-old man cross the finish line before me!

The footrace was on...


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