Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Yoda: Groovy It Was

The line I should have drawn here. Care nothing for my dignity, do I? A respected Master of the Jedi Order I am. Somehow, managed to live almost 900 years without licking a single armpit I have. At least, I think I have. Some parties in college there were where so clear my memory is not... never mind! A revered member of the Jedi Council I am now. So, refused to do this I should have.

But for losing that challenge with the obstacle course, some blame me. Unfair that is. Defending myself and the Galaxy against a Sith Lord I was. Appreciate me no one does.

However, determined I was that blame me for losing again no one else would. So a trooper I would be. My eyes I closed, my tongue I stuck out, and for Booger Head's armpit I dived...The deed I did. Then, something strange happened.

An odd feeling I got. The same feeling I got that time Qui-Gon's "spiced" brownies I tried. So many different colors I saw. Pretty colors. Pretty, swirly colors. Far out it was. Floating I was. A different reality I was experiencing. All good it was.

Then, hard I crashed. And very hungry I felt. Spinning my head was. More Jabba I had to have! For the Hutt I rushed, but already running back at him the other Ooteenis were! My Jabba he was! Trying to steal him they were!

"Alright, that's enough now," Jabba said, "Hey, get off me people! Stop it! This is getting gross even for me! You people are disgusting! Help!"

Talking to the rest of these hosers, he was. Not to me.

Hanging on to him for dear life and licking our hearts out we were. But trying to run away he was. Actually, more like he was trying to slither away it was. Anyway it matters not. The point is, ruining my buzz he was.

The next thing I know, spraying us with water hoses, the show's producers were. Let go of Jabba then, we had to. Remember much after that I do not. A headache I have now. Have some chocolate Ho-Hos, do you?


Blogger Qui-Gon Jinn said...

Far out, Master Y.
I've done my licking. What do you say we go and hit the casino resort thing as see if they have a Taco Bell, man.
I mean, we are, like, on opposing sides, but are still spaced-out travellers in this crazy galaxy.
Why don't we all get along? And like, play in the olympic sized swimming pool?

7:33 PM, August 17, 2005  
Blogger Master Yoda said...

Good, Taco Bell sounds. A Taco Bell, I am sure the resort will have. A Taco Bell all the nice places have.

Besides, coupons I have.

7:50 PM, August 17, 2005  

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