Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Challenge #2: Build a cooling droid

*J.J. stands next to two enormous sandcrawlers. He waits for the respective tribes to walk up.*

J.J: Welcome survivors. I see everyone got through the sandstorm alright?

Palps: Oh…great. Now I know how cat litter feels.

Yoda: Yes. More so now, since presents I’ve been leaving you, hmmm?

Leia: It’s a good thing you’re on the other team, slug boy. You wouldn’t last a second against my fork! Hold me back flyboy!

*Fluke and Obi-Wan look at each other.*

Obi-Wan: Who’s she talking to?

*Fluke shrugs. Rolls eyes. Makes a circular gesture with his finger around his head.*

Dooku: Dear me, could we get on with this.

Typho: Almost two weeks and now he decides to talk.

Dooku: This dreadfully dry climate has made my throat extremely irritated. And without my teas…

Qui-Gon: Wow, for a sith lord, he's kind of priss, aint he?

Dooku: Please, such petty squabbling should be beneath us.

Yoda: In the desert, two weeks now. Smelled what’s beneath you. Least of your problems, squabbling is.

Dooku: Why you insufferable, didactic, proprietor of admonishment!! I’ll…

Siri: That it, Dooks. Hit him with your thesaurus.

J.J.: Okay, okay. I know it’s been a tough start for everyone…

*Han, looking over at Yoda who’s itching to reach for his lightsaber* I never knew the little guy could get so riled up.

Mace: You should see him in the Jedi Cafeteria when they run out of prunes.

J.J.: Today you will be working as a team...if that's possible. As you can see, there are two sandcrawlers here today.

ar Jar: Eh…exqueeze me…I only see one.

Aayla: The other one’s behind you, fish breath.

Jar Jar: oh…how woud! *Sticks out tongue out at Aayla when she turns away…and gets a first degree sunburn on it.*

J.J: As I was saying, There are two sandcrawlers here –one for each team. Each one has exactly the same items inside of them. Mostly junk. Broken droid pieces, some irons, a rusted out pick-up truck, some toaster ovens, an old pong game…lots of stuff like that. Your challenge today is to have each team go in there and build a droid by nightfall using only the junky pieces found inside. You only have two forms of energy to power your droid: a Bic lighter or a hamster running on a wheel.

Anakin: Man that’s going to be easy.

J.J.: …And it has to be a functioning cooling droid.

Anakin: Awww spit!

J.J.: The droid has to be fully functional by nightfall or that team loses. That means that the cooling droid must be able to cool the air within a thirty foot diameter of itself. It doesn’t need to do anything else but it must be able to do this. You will have to work very hard as a team to complete this challenge in time. The winner of the challenge will be able to take their droid back to camp with them. The loser will be seeing me this Friday for Tribal Council.

Each sandcrawler has hundreds of items so the possibilities are endless.

Padmé: Any possibility that there are some, like, really cute shoes in there?

J.J.: None. Now…Survivors ready? ……Go!


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