Thursday, October 20, 2005

Yoda: Dignity

The manners of a baboon, Young Starbucker has. To raise their hand and ask to be excused to the restroom, so that wet their pants they do not, even the Younglings I teach know. Well, most of them, anyway. A puddle under little Harvey's desk I still find from time to time.

But digress I do. An adult Young Starbucker is supposed to be! OK, so to win he wants, but no pride he has? Worth giving up all your dignity is it? The only one here who is concerned about decency, am I?

A good thing it is that this Dixie cup I stashed in my robe. Of course, a challenge, emptying it unnoticed when full it gets is. Sometimes, unfortunate enough to be walking below an unsuspecting producer is while emptying the cup I am. But if up at me she looks, all I say is, "Hmm, birds." Think fast on my feet I can.


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