Friday, October 21, 2005

Yoda: Winning, Dolly, and Doofuses

Comfortable it is on this post. A hard time balancing Young Starbucker is having, but small I am. Plenty of room I have.

But boring it has gotten. Amusing for only so long, hearing Young Starbucker yell, "The snakes! The pink snakes on my head! Get them off! Get them off me!" is. Getting bored with watching him bat his arms at an imaginary psycho pony, I am.

Also, getting tired I am. Up on these posts for days with no sleep, we have been. Very heavy my eyelids feel. Keep them open no longer I.... zzzzzzzzzz

"Howdy there, Yoda!"

"Who that is!"

"I'm right over here, Sugar!"

"D-Dolly, you that is?!"

"But, where am I? In the middle of that stupid challenge I was, and..."

"Oh, Honey, that wasn't nothin' but a little ol' nightmare. Here..."

"...You just relax and tell me all about it, Sugar. I'm gonna make it all better for ya, ya hear?"

"Oh, Dolly, terrible it was. Trapped on this awful desert planet called Tatooine and surrounded by all these doofuses, I was. First, womprats we had to eat. Then, in a giant worm's skin we lived. Then, lick Jabba the Hutt's armpit I had to. Then, around all the time this big blind farting bantha was following me. Also, there Dooku was, but let me smite him down they would not! And... and... forced to eat disgusting things I was... and..."

"Shh, now don't you fret none, Sweetheart. Dolly's gonna make it all better. Why don't you give me a smooch?"

"K-k-kiss you, you mean?"

"Of course, Sugar! What d'ya expect I want a good-lookin fella like you to do? C'mon Darlin', kiss me."

Racing so fast my heart is. So nervous and excited I am. A wish come true this will be...

"Yoda, wake up! Hey, wake up!"


"Huh? What? Happening what is? Go where, Dolly did?"

"Yoda, it's me, JJ. You fell asleep...OUCH!"

"Doofus!" Young Starbucker's boot I threw at JJ. "Woke me up you should not have!"

"But you won the challenge, and Qui-Gon's trying to revive Fluke, and you're missing... what are you doing?"

"Look like what, does it? Smacking myself in the head with my cane I am. Maybe knock myself unconcious and go back to sleep I can."


Blogger Captain Typho said...

I like picture number three. LOL!

11:02 AM, October 22, 2005  
Blogger Master Yoda said...

A favorite of mine that is.

9:41 PM, October 22, 2005  
Blogger Ruby-Flame said...

Yoda, bashing yourself over the head with a cane is really not the best possible solution to your problem...perhaps some Nyquil would help. ;)

12:44 PM, October 24, 2005  

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